BlobbleWrite Beginners

1 March 2020 | 1 min read

We've released a new app on iOS - Blobblewrite Beginners.

The BlobbleWrite Beginners app has been developed to help young children who are just starting out learning to write. It focuses on developing hand-eye coordination by introducing children to simple line tracing tasks. Starting with straight lines the app introduces corners, curves and circles and finally combination lines and shapes.

For some children the process of learning to write can be quite a challenge. Starting out learning to write letters involves a number of skills that a child may not have had time to develop fully. These include accuracy in tracing and the ability to follow and remember complex paths. It is sometimes better to work on each skill individually to help a child gain confidence. The BlobbleWrite Beginners app does exactly that by introducing line tracing skills in a carefully graded sequence of challenges that allow a child to develop their skills naturally.

Once line tracing skills have been acquired with confidence a child can then move on to the task of remembering the letter forms as presented in the main BlobbleWrite app.

The BlobbleWrite Beginners app is available on the iTunes app store.

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