We created the BlobbleWrite apps to help children learn to write.

Our apps are used in schools and homes around the world.

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The BlobbleWrite app was created in 2011 and has been used extensively in schools and homes ever since. The app teaches handwriting skills to young children using a proven 'show and copy' method. Initially developed on iPad the BlobbleWrite app is now available on iPad, iPhone, Android and Amazon Fire devices.

The BlobbleWrite Beginners app has been developed to help young children who are just starting out learning to write. It focuses on developing hand-eye coordination by introducing children to simple line tracing tasks. Starting with straight lines the app introduces corners, curves and circles and finally combination lines and shapes.

The BlobbleWrite Cursive app builds on the original BlobbleWrite app. It teaches children the lowercase cursive alphabet using the familiar interface from the original app.

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