BlobbleWrite Times Tables

24 May 2021 | 1 min read

We've released a new app on iOS - Blobblewrite Times Tables.

BlobbleWrite Times Tables is a times tables app with a difference. All the multiplication tables are animated using the BlobbleWrite handwriting font. Designed for use in the classroom and at home, the app reinforces the correct handwriting forms for numbers while helping children learn their multiplication tables.

Is is now over ten years since we released the original BlobbleWrite app and in that time we have spoken to parents, teachers and children from around the world about how we can help people learn better handwriting skills. Something that we noticed from our own experience and from talking to parents and teachers is that children with otherwise strong handwriting skills sometimes struggle to form numbers correctly.

We created the Blobble Write Times Table app to help address this issue. The app helps children practice their times tables with numbers that are animated onscreen using the BlobbleWrite handwriting font. In this way the app reinforces the correct way to write numbers while the user practices their multiplication. In the modern world there are fewer and fewer opportunities to see hand written numbers - this app has been created to help address this issue.

The BlobbleWrite Times Tables app is available on the iTunes app store.

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