We created the BlobbleWrite Basics font specifically for the BlobbleWrite apps. It has been designed to be easy to learn and to avoid some of the common issues with fonts used in handwriting apps.
You can click on any of the letters in the grid below to see an animation of how to write the letter. You can also see the animations as videos on YouTube
Each letter is formed using a constant width, round ended stroke. This results in a letter form that can be replicated exactly in the BlobbleWrite apps.
This approach is different to a standard typographical font where the stroke width will typlically vary and stroke ends may be squared off for aesthetic reasons. These typographical fonts, although commonly used in letter writing apps, are impossible to copy accurately using a constant width stroke. This can frustrate learners because they can never replicate the letter form exactly.
The letter forms themselves have been designed to be consistent across the alphabet, using the same curves and sizes throughout. The uppercase letters use straight lines wherever possible to make them as simple and consistent as possible.
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