BlobbleWrite Beginners App

BlobbleWrite Beginners is an app to help young children start out on their journey to learning to write. Learning line tracing skills can really help young children develop the skills they need to progress to letter writing and cursive writing.
Before they start learning letter forms it can really help children to learn how to trace simple lines and shapes. This develops muscle memory and builds their confidence which then makes the next stage of development, learning the letter forms, much easier.
By focusing on simple shapes, children can concentrate on stroke direction and accuracy without having to remember the more complicated series of steps required to write a letter.
BlobbleWrite Beginners uses the tried and tested 'show and copy' method developed in the popular BlobbleWrite app. The BlobbleWrite app has been used in schools and homes around the world to teach handwriting for almost a decade. Children watch a Blobble demonstrate the stroke path and then they copy it in the space below. This provides an effective way for children to learn independently and at their own pace.
There are four sets of strokes in the BlobbleWrite Beginners app:.
  • Lines - Straight lines in forward and reverse directions. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal.
  • Corners - Two straight lines combined to make a corner. Right-angles (90 degrees) and V diagonals.
  • Curves - Constant curvature lines making half circles and circles in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
  • Shapes - Combinations of lines and curves to make shapes and strokes that begin to match the patterns commonly used in letter forms.
Using the BlobbleWrite Beginners app will help develop your child's skills and improve their ability to tackle letter forms at the next stage of development.
The BlobbleWrite Beginners app features:
  • Clear and easy to understand user interface
  • Child friendly graphics and sounds
  • Increasing level of difficulty for the stroke paths from simple (lines) to more advanced (shapes)
  • Tried and tested BlobbleWrite approach used in schools and homes around the world
  • A clear progression to the main BlobbleWrite app that introduces all the letter and number forms
  • Color coded levels to aid classroom use
  • No advertising or in-app purchases
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